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Build your fortress. Defend it from the hordes. Fight back and reclaim your land.

They Come at Night is a first-person shooter/melee game with elements of strategy, tower defence and building mechanics. What if your usual home in survival games played a key part in the gameplay? What if the very own home you build during the day had to resist a deadly siege when the night falls?

In the medieval fantasy kingdom of Indar, the Dark Lord and his army will soon exterminate every last human. The once-proud network of human fortresses across the lands is now in ruins, ravaged by hordes of nocturnal beasts.

Just before humanity's last stand, a stranger coming from the sky will offer them futuristic technology to upgrade their primitive swords, crossbows and catapults to incredible sci-fi weapons. The priests question this gift, what are the hidden intentions of this stranger? Afraid of their imminent death, the last few warriors accept the offer.

This new technology, almost like magic to them, will give them the chance to upgrade their arsenal, fight back and recover the land one fortress at a time, until they grow strong enough to take the fight back to the Dark Lord's castle.

Every fortress will be a new challenge for you and your friends

Gather your friends and choose a starting fortress in the world map. Each one will feature different layouts, environments and biomes that will make it feel unique. Explore the surrounding lands during the day, gathering resources, upgrading your ancient walls with incredible technology and deciding where to place your turrets, traps and defences.

Once the night arrives, the hordes of enemies will test your strategy. Move around the walls, slay enemies and retreat to the inner defences once the barricades fall. If you survive until the dawn, you will be able to keep upgrading your home during the following day, preparing for the stronger enemies that will come back the next night.

When your fortress is fully upgraded, one of the 12 evil lieutenants will lead a deadly final wave. Kill them and you will move to the next fortress, growing a network of defences powerful enough to free the kingdom of Indar.

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